Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Error 0x80048002: error in your outlook account

Are you facing problem in sending and receiving your mails while you are working in you MS outlook account. Sometimes you are unable to access your mail account. You may not be able to send or receive mails from your account. In this situation while accessing your mail account you might get an error message like this:

“Task ‘unknown task’ reported error (0x80048002): This task was cancelled before it was completed.”

Error 0x80048002 is a type of error which makes you unable to send or receive mails in MS outlook. Sometimes you may send mails but can’t receive mails depending on the situation.
This error can occur because of number of reasons the antivirus application which is used to scan emails integrates with your outlook account, POP3 mail server connection problem or large size mail.

As this problem is related with your mail account, so it needs to be solved quickly. To resolve this error first verify various settings including port settings. Sometimes the error may also be caused due to the antivirus application so disable the application. If the error is not resolved than you can use PST repair software to come out of this. IT will efficiently scan all your files to solve the problem.


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